Mitas E-10 Safari & Dakar Tyre 150/70B18, E-10D


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MITAS E-10 SAFARI & DAKAR TYRE, 70% Off-Road/30% Highway, Versatile Big-Bike Adventure Tourer Hybrid Belted-Bias Construction.


A supremely capale, high-speed dual-sport tyre designed specifically for the new breed of large and powerful adventure-tourers.  Using a special 'belted bias' tyre constuction, it combines the improved traction and high-speed performance of modern radial tyres with the aggressive tread and physical durability of traditional bias-ply construction.


The result is the perfect adventure-tourer tyre where the ride incudes fast highway, tracks, trails and serious off-road terrain.  On highway, the E-10 handles like a pure road tyre with gentle turn-in and a stable follow-through on curves and excellent power delivery and stability on the straight.  Off-road, the aggressive tread and strong sidewalls keep you moving over sharp rocks, sand and mud.


But it gets better.  The E-10 has recently received the full yellow-stripe treatment, with an upgraded 'Dakar' rally-spec version now available in Australia.  Like the famous E-09 Dakar before it, the new E-10 Dakar gets specially reiforced carcass and an upgraded compund to ensure even longer life and improved performance in extreme off-road rally conditions.


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